Why recruiters love Careeradex for
job listings and career sites

Recruitment experience
and technical expertise

Careeradex is the culmination of over 15 years experience in working with outplacement and recruiting firms, developing  job training and job board applications, as well as custom job boards and media systems.

Makes recruitment agile
and more affordable

Recruitment businesses are empowered to respond quickly to the needs of their customers by working more easily, enjoying lower costs and better value with Careeradex.

We’re on your side

We get recruitment! The culture and motivation behind our business is to help make the world a better place. Careeradex is built on integrity and authenticity and we want help to provide the world with full employment.

Job board now, not an
IT project!

Adding or starting a job board by creating it inhouse or commissioning 3rd party developers is complex, time consuming, costly and slow. Recruiters love Careeradex because you want a job board now, not a major IT project costing XX,000s!

RecTech that fits right in
with your software stack

Careeradex is RecTech that perfectly complements the other applications you use within your software stack. Integrates and automates data exchange so you don’t waste time obtaining reports to support your decision making.

Care and support from
day one

Whether it's a simple job board for a small agency, or a bespoke development customized for the needs of an enterprise, the Careeradex team is here to help you, from free trial, through to implementation and providing ongoing support.

Stop wishing you had the
perfect job board.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can beginners create apps for smartphones and tablets?

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Does this app maker build Progressive Web Apps?

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How can I start building my own app?

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Can I build an app without coding?

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Does this app builder have strong security?

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Pricing built for businesses
of all sizes

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