How to Start a Niche Job Board by 2021

February 12, 2021
How to Start a Niche Job Board by 2021

Finding the right talent for your company is hard. Finding the right talent in a niche industry? That's even harder. If you're looking for new talent and need help finding the best candidates to hire, you might be interested in starting a niche job board for your industry sector.

If you are a recruiting company, there are so many benefits to having a niche job board.

When I first heard about a niche job board for hiring talent, I thought it was the worst idea I’d ever heard of. But the more I talked to people who run niche job boards for different industries, the more I understood the value and purpose of having such a board. It’s a way to find the best candidates for hire in your industry quickly by making it easy to search for jobs on the board. People who work in different niches often have different skills and knowledge than people in the same niches. If there are too many qualified applicants for the job opening, it may not be possible to find someone in the right niche to fill the job. In these cases, a niche job board is a way to find the best qualified candidates. But how do you make your job board so easy to use? Compass has compiled a comprehensive list of what you need to know about getting started with your niche job board. Our goal is to help you take your running passion and make it into a genuine career. It takes time to build a reputation for excellence, to create a community of people who share your mission, and to attract the best and brightest of the entrepreneurial world to your site. Running a job board is not easy — and it may not seem particularly profitable because of the work you need to do to put it all together, but by implementing the right steps, your online job board will prove to be more successful than many people realize. As you can see from the compendium, there are many aspects to success with running your niche job board. Here are a few of the most important ones. Consider this: If you don’t incentivize your elite members to post for you, they’re not going to post as much as you’d expect. Effective marketing for a job offering is what will separate your niche from the rest of the crowd. Create a balance of seniority motivation and quality assurance by having a formal vetting process for the best candidates. There are a number of reputable market research companies that can help with draft application and resume questions. Before you make any changes, make sure to read the entire thread from the top moderator of the current thread to get a complete understanding of the goals of the board and how to build it. Pay attention to anyone who says something about having a specific and defined mission, such as foundation, growth, or an end to help our community achieve its full potential.

Take your job listings to the next level with a branded job board.

“A job board solves this problem of finding talent in a general area but not necessarily one that specifically fits your company — ‘find the people in this entire economy who sure are awesome at what they do,’” said Carolyn McMillen.

Before you start thinking about a practical, board-like solution for finding awesome employees, it’s important to first define what you want your job board to be. How will your job board differ from others in your industry?

Required elements of search engine optimization include:

  • density
  • depth
  • filtering
  • prestige
  • age range
  • preferred job title and skill levels

Surround yourself with the kind of people who fit the culture of your company and make your work, the company itself, more fun. Hire people who bring joy to your life — not just to your eyes, ears, and brain. Treating them well is the best investment you can make.

Attract the best talent with a niche job board!

Your company can benefit from hiring experts in your specific niche industry.

Your niche industry can be a significant part of your company and subject matter expertise. All of your product development, design, marketing, sales, and support processes, products and communication styles could better be served by hiring experts in that field. Niche expertise can extend beyond knowledge of the physical products. For example, do you know all of the mental models associated with the study of music — even down to the ratios that determine how they listen to music? If you combine qualitative and quantitative data, you’ll gain insights about trends and individual differences in customers’ musical tastes.

Your industry’s generalist consultant could come in the form of a specialist who’s familiar with a specific product line or concept. Perhaps it’s a chiropractor, physical therapist, nurse practitioner, or carbon monoxide detector expert. By hiring a generalist in your niche industry, you’re highlighting that your company’s products or services are applicable to many problems in a specific industry — whether they’re actual problems within your industry or non-existent problems that don’t exist. Having known problems in your industry causes people to be more nimble and open to innovation, which can introduce new growth opportunities.

Your project could be in a specific niche industry, but it could just as easily take you and your team to another continent with limited access, expertise, and resources. Finding a company with relevant experience to help with your undertaking is a great way to find qualified qualified specialists to solve your problems and meet your deadlines. Here’s an example of what that might look like in the real world:

As a problem solver, you and your team could travel to any parts of the world needed to complete your project. Developing the right local expertise can frequently be much more beneficial than hiring experts in a siloed industry.

Becoming obsessed with hiring experts in the niches that you’re unfamiliar with isn’t the right approach if you want to grow your company and achieve success. Rather than becoming enamored with “tech unicorns” hiring specialists despite not having sufficient expertise, consider hiring experts in your niche industry when identifying a growing need within your company.

If you’re constantly looking for qualified specialists within your industry, you’ll become entrenched in your industry and unable to take new ideas and opportunities to the next level. If you’re able to identify the market gaps and opportunities to work within your industry, you can create opportunities for qualified specialists to climb the ladder and help you overcome the technical limitations you’ve built.

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