4 Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Job Posting

August 24, 2022
4 Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Job Posting

Companies exploit job advertisements in their quest to attract qualified persons for a particular vacant post. However, sometimes deserving candidates may miss a job that aligns with their qualifications if a company uses an unfamiliar title for the position. Such encounters are detrimental to the company because it could miss out on valuable talent.

Corporations ought to be keen on the keywords they integrate into their job posting to grab the attention of the most qualified applicants.

Critical Tips on Selecting Keywords:

Below are fundamental tips to follow when selecting keywords for a job posting to enjoy optimal searches and attract qualified candidates:

  • Use the Applicant’s Perspective

Thinking like an applicant can help you select the most appropriate keywords for a job advert on the job board. You could consult family, colleagues, or friends to get a clue about the best phrases to include in the job description. Also, avoid using uncommon terms to describe the job position in the job posting. Thinking like an applicant prevents you from using words that may be unfamiliar to the candidates by making you the right persona.

  • Study Competitors

Again, you need to know the common phrases competitors apply while advertising for a similar post. Understanding your competition allows you to be up to date with the terms that applicants are more likely to understand. Therefore, it prevents confusion by giving you more ideas for the keywords that could attract the proper candidates.

  • Exploit Keyword Research Tools

You could use various tools to partake in quick research about the preferable phrases for a given job posting. Such tools include Raven tools and SEMRUSH, and they give you details about similar keywords, their volume and trends, and keyword competition. Using appropriate keywords guides applicants on the qualifications to incorporate in their professional documents during application.

  • Comprehend the Long Tail Keyword

Long-tail keywords entail a merger of three or more phrases or words. Long-tail keywords usually attract lower search volumes. However, they boast more relevant traffic and are less competitive, making them more effective. Using long-tail keywords could attract proper applicants, making the hiring process easy and effective.

Final Remarks Choosing the right keywords is the secret to attracting some of the most qualified candidates for a particular post. Following the above tips in selecting keywords for job postings can heighten the chances of having the right talent apply for a specific position during recruitment.

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